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Landscape and Nature Photography

Welcome to the “Ernie Kale Photography” website blog. Thanks so much for visiting the website.

Photography is my interpretation of our natural, outdoor world and man’s tracks as he passes through.  Photography helps me see the environment and the value it adds to our lives.  Certain images speak to me in a way I could never put into words, thus photography allows me to communicate my thoughts as much to myself as to anyone else.

My photographic focus is mostly around landscapes, nature and the influences of man.  The hope is to show the beauty of our natural, outdoor world and the nostalgia of man’s footprints.  Sprinkled through the galleries will be images of the surrounding sites of the locations visited.  Much like travel and street scenes.

The website,, is my collection of these images.  The site is divided into galleries, each with a theme.  The galleries can be thought of as being in three general themes:  Specific Locations (Tuscany, Maine Coast, etc), General Locations (Low Country, Mountain Magic, etc) and the third theme which is specific to a personal project topic I am developing (Windows, Voices from the Past, etc).

The blog is my written description around recent photographic outings as to my insights, my thoughts, and an attempt to describe how a specific image speaks to me.  Also included may be a brief description and/or history of the outing location.  Attached will be a favorite image or two from the outing.


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