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Always the last Saturday in April!

The Thoroughbreds and Jockeys clear the Fences

The annual event is located on the 260 acre Brooklandwood Farm in Mineral Springs, NC, just south of Charlotte.  The steeplechase is produced by the non-profit organization, the Charlotte Steeplechase Association.  Since 1995, people have enjoyed the sport and socializing at the Queen’s Cup.  Second only to the Thoroughbreds and Jockeys are the ladies and their hats plus spreads of food and beverage dotting the rails of the track itself.

The Ladies, The Hats, The Food

A great way to spend a Saturday in late April, where the weather in Charlotte is usually warm and the flowers are abloom, the scenery is first class. All of the pics in this blog are from the 2012 Queens Cup held Saturday, April 28th., there was still a chill in the air and the skies were overcast but the excitement, racing and hospitality of the day were the same as always.  The horses are Thoroughbreds just like the flat race horses but they also must have the ability to jump the fences of the Steeplechase.  Many of the horses actually begin their racing careers in flat racing and continue as Steeplechasers.

Most of the information contained in this blog came from the website  Visit the website for detailed information about steeplechase racing and next years race.   More images from the day can be seen on the website

A bit of history:  Steeplechase Racing is a product of Ireland with its roots coming from fox hunting. History has it that the initial recorded race was between Cornelius O’Callaghan and Edmund Blake in County Cork, Ireland in 1752.  The 4-1/2 mile race began at St. John’s Church, Buttevant  and ended at St. Mary’s Church in Doneraile.  The race between church steeples gave the race its name.  The steeplechase race spread from Ireland through England and finally to the US in the 1830’s around Washington, DC.  The Maryland Hunt Cup first ran in 1894 and is currently the oldest running steeplechase run in the US.  The first race in the Charlotte area was held November, 1995.

More images from the 2012 Queen’s Cup Steeplechase:

See you next year at the Queen’s Cup – the last Saturday in April!


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  1. “There is a special southern gentlemen, I know who will always ensure the world has a beautiful photograph of what it is capable of!”

    That my friends is Mr. Ernie Kale.

    Your gallery is fantastic keep capturing all of life’s marvaleous wonders.

    Wanda Nieves

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